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New design features enhanced grip ability and cutting control, multiple patents for industry-leading sharpness; exclusive launch with Indiegogo for a limited time
New packaging to eliminate more than 20 tons of plastics per year* Company to focus on sustainability and mindful cooking at Natural Products Expo West, Mar. 9-11 in Anaheim, Calif. (Booth 3425, Hall D)
Kyocera upholds a 1,600-year tradition with patented new materials and technologies
Food Oxidation Impact on Food Waste
A 35-year evolution in ultrasharp, high-quality ceramic cutlery
Raising your Bar -Saturday, January 1, 2022
11 Essential Items for your Home Bar
Bon Appetit Highly Recommended -Thursday, November 18, 2021
The Perfect Knife Set Doesn’t Exi— Kyocera’s ceramic trio stays sharper for longer.
The Best of Fort Lauderdale -Monday, November 1, 2021
Chefs love a good knife – but you don’t have to be a kitchen pro to appreciate a well-crafted blade.
Plastic-free, recyclable packaging and handles made from natural sugarcane designed for the sustainable kitchen
This new relationship will empower and elevate the voices of cooking, kitchen, and food experts with the latest knowledge and experience on Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic knives and other kitchen products to improve their recommendations.