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The Secret Behind the Sharpness in a Kyocera Ceramic Knife

Monday, January 24, 2022

Kyocera has been manufacturing ceramic knives since 1984. In Japan, at that time, steel and stainless steel were the mainstream material in kitchen knives. For this reason, Kyocera's ceramic knives received attention for their unique white blades made from advanced ceramics. However, the price was much higher than now, so Professional Chefs were the early adopters of our knives who valued their long-lasting sharpness and were willing to pay the higher price.
Today, our ceramic knives are widely adopted among cooking enthusiasts worldwide, and Kyocera has shipped over 20 million ceramic knives globally. We have continued to find innovative ways to improve the material of the blade and succeeded in developing the patented INNOVATION Z212 blade, our new knife series with a much more durable performance than ever before.  We will continue to develop and manufacture ceramic kitchen tools that meet customers' needs so that their daily cooking preparation will be enjoyable and fulfilling. Read More.

Ceramic Knives Made in Japan

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