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Kyocera Signs with ExpertVoice to Build Community of Advocates for its Ceramic Cutlery

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

Kyocera, a leader in ceramic cutlery since 1984, announced today that its U.S. consumer products group has enlisted ExpertVoice, the world’s largest advocacy marketing platform powered by experts, to introduce the company’s ceramic knives, kitchen tools and cookware to a variety of experts. This new relationship will empower and elevate the voices of cooking, kitchen and food experts with the latest knowledge and experience on Kyocera’s proprietary ceramic knives and other kitchen products to improve their recommendations. The program will also educate expert foodies on key benefits and differences among advanced ceramic kitchen products.

Kyocera was one of the first companies in the world to begin manufacturing and selling kitchen knives with blades made from fine ceramics. Since 1984, Kyocera has been continually enhancing the material technology and design of its ceramic knives, developing its product range with various colors and styles and converting customers worldwide to fans of ceramic kitchen tools. Kyocera's traditional ultra-sharp zirconia ceramic blade will maintain its sharpness up to 10x longer than metal knives. Its new patented INNOVATIONblack series boasts twice the long-lasting sharpness of previous ceramic blades.

ExpertVoice connects brands with a network of more than 1 million experts across more than 30 product categories. The platform gathers the most influential, trusted recommenders, increases and improves their recommendations, and puts their recommendations to work on behalf of more than 500 of the world’s top brands to increase sales to consumers.

“Kyocera was founded as a ceramics company in Kyoto, Japan more than 60 years ago and its advanced ceramics have been used in everything from electronics components, copiers and medical devices to our ultra-sharp ceramic knives and kitchen tools,” said Cynthia Ferrell, Vice President of Kyocera International, Inc. “Our ceramic knives are high performing and long-lasting, but they also require different care than traditional steel knives. The ExpertVoice program is a perfect fit to share our industry-leading products with passionate cooking experts to help convey the many advantages of ceramic technology for the home chef, professionals, and the millions who’ve become more invested in healthy cooking.”

Tom Stockham, ExpertVoice CEO shares, “We’re so excited to help Kyocera drive better consumer outcomes, by turning key retail sales associates and industry professionals into influential Kyocera advocates. Kyocera isn’t just a pioneering manufacturer of advanced ceramic knives and kitchen products, they’re a forward-thinking brand that knows the consumer impact of giving trusted communities deep knowledge and hands-on experience with their products.”

ExpertVoice has a community of experts in the outdoor, grocery, camping, and first-responder categories. The experts will receive behind the scenes access to Kyocera’s ceramic cutlery and kitchen tools and its products through original content distributed through the ExpertVoice platform. Kyocera is also providing a discount incentive to qualified experts to encourage hands-on experience. The firsthand product knowledge and access to hands-on product experiences will improve the strength and reach of recommendations experts make to consumers.

If you work in grocery and kitchenware retail establishments and are the type of person who gets asked for recommendations on what to buy, then you may qualify as an expert.

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