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Super Seed Adjustable Ceramic Mill- Chocolate Brown

Grind fine to coarse super seeds to add to your favorite recipes with this adjustable ceramic mill. Studies show that grinding super seeds can help improve nutrient absorption. Ideal for: Caraway Fennel Mustard Chia Fenugreek Poppy Coriander Flax Sesame Cumin Hemp

Kyocera has created this lightweight, easy-to-use manual grinder that gently releases any seed's aromatic and nutritional properties. Electric ‘metal’ grinders can heat up during the grinding process, risking the loss of flavor compounds. The ceramic, non-metal, rust-free design ensures flavor integrity.

  •          An adjustable ceramic grinder knob will accommodate fine to coarse results.
  •          Advanced ceramic two-piece conical grinder never transfers metallic ions to spices.
  •          Non-metal design and internal components will never rust.
  •          Refillable glass body with 2.8-ounce capacity.
  •          Lightweight and easy to use.
  •          Easy pop-off lid to capture grinds for recipes.
  •          Plastic-free, no-hassle packaging.

Care & Use: Handwash the grinder top by adjusting the mill to coarse and soak it in soapy water. Use a small, thin straw brush to remove residue in the grinding wheels. Glass body is dishwasher safe.


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