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Boat and camping knife - multiple uses
This knife has found a home in my boat!  All fishermen who anchor on a flowing river need such a knife as this to keep by your anchor line to cut it in case of an emergency to make a quick escape.  One needs a VERY sharp knife to do this and this fits the bill perfectly.  Plus, I use it to scale surf perch and other general uses that one needs on a boat.  When we go camping, this knife goes along as well.  Comes with a durable knife sheath so that you can pack it without worries of anything around it getting cut.  In addition, this knife works great for cutting the heads of baitfish in a miter box to get that just right angle for the correct spin in the water.  Shhhh, that's my little secret for this knife - never any wasted bait from bad cuts!  While on the boat, I keep it up by the bow near the anchor rope as it cuts through it quickly.  Other times, it fits in the glove box.  Easy to clean and store.
From: Bev | Date: 8/3/2020 7:24 AM
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Excellent camp knife
We use these for camping often.  Slices through anything.  Keep one in my Tackle box too!
From: Scott | Date: 8/3/2020 8:14 AM
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Great Knife
I bought this knife for my son as a gift, he camps & likes to fish.  He loves this knife- uses it all the time.  He has commented that its super sharp.
From: Jeff | Date: 8/3/2020 8:38 AM
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