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nothing short of glorious
This knife positively _glides_ through foods.  It startled a bewildered laugh of elated disbelief out of me.  This was part of my 1st-ever ceramic knife order and the 2nd I’ve ever used (the 1st being the 3” paring).  What a revelation!

Although they discourage its use for thick, hard vegetables like beets, I used this on some baby ones and it was a pleasure as this length gives a comfortable span where the blade maintains a similar thickness, whereas the paring would catch in its own incisions when used toward its hilt slicing outward into bulky items due to the blade having to thicken in a shorter span for strength/stability (which isn’t the point of a paring knife, dexterity is, but I wanted to try anyhow).

This utility knife sliced every last hair of fresh fennel fronds completely and effortlessly on my bamboo cutting board, as well as clean through the often stubborn outer-most layer of the fennel bulb without a thought, whereas often that must be pressed down against the board and sliced by pinning the knife tip against the cutting board and dragging, with lesser blades.

I worried about control but because it is so incredibly sharp there was no inconsistency in its cutting speed, though as nicks inevitably develop over time that is sure to change somewhat, I’m curious to see how this new INNOVATION blade holds up.

The handle is incredibly comfortable.  Both sides of the blade clean with astonishing ease despite the ridges on one of them.  I ordered a set of sheaths as well which are easy to slot into by beginning with the heel in the open end of the guard.

I could scarely be happier with my Kyocera products.  They’re everything I had hoped (I have had my eye on them for almost a decade and am so happy I was finally able to take the plunge with their 2nd-generation technology blades!).  I look forward to being a happy, loyal customer for a very long time to come.
From: N. | Date: 6/20/2020 8:06 PM
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Just the best
Hands down the best best best knife I have ever owned!!
I am looking forward to chopping & cooking everyday thanks to this knife! The black blade is the best invention!!

I am happy, loyal customer for life!
From: Guest | Date: 5/11/2023 2:46 PM
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