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3" Ceramic Paring Knife and Double Edge Ceramic Peeler

Kyocera’s 2 piece set includes two practical and popular tools in the kitchen—a 3” Paring Knife and a Double Edge Vertical Peeler. The 3” paring knife features a ceramic blade made from Kyocera's proprietary zirconia material and has a long-lasting razor edge . Ideal for everyday cutting, trimming, seeding and peeling of small fruits and vegetables. The classic upright peeler has an ultra-sharp ceramic blade, non-corrosive and excellent for any repetitive peeling task.
  • A great introduction to using Kyocera ceramic prep tools in the kitchen, especially for the beginning home cook at a value
  • Ceramic blades are made from Kyocera's proprietary zirconia material produced in Japan for exceptional quality and beauty
  • Ultra-sharp, pure advanced ceramic blades will maintain their edges up to 10x longer than steel blades
  • Lightweight and easy to clean, the blades will not brown food, are rust-proof and resistant to acids
  • Dishwasher safe
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Products specifications
Country of Origin China
Material Composition zirconium oxide blade, ABS resin handle