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Dried Herb and Tea Mill
I had never owned or used an Herb Mill before receiving this one.  I had to read the instructions a couple of times and it proved to be a little tricky to put all the pieces on correctly.  Once I did, it was easy.  I love how the two main parts, the top that comes off to fill and the bottom where the milled product falls into, are easy to access.  You can see the product in the clear bottom, allowing you to only mill what you need.  I used the product to mill my favorite tea leaves and it left it so fine that I could not taste any pieces or grit in my tea.  I would highly recommend!
From: CLAUDIA | Date: 5/15/2020 3:57 PM
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This is how a real herb mill should work like....
I recently have been giving some attention to ceramic products and I have to say this is the most impressive ceramic product I have purchased by far. After taking the chance on a Kyocera pepper mill and having a good experience, I decided to give this a go as I have been looking for something to grind down some fresh herds from my garden.

Just like the ceramic pepper mill, I feel that my herbs smell noticeably better than when I used a metal herb mill. I guess when you look and the history mills by using two grinding stones, this herb mill takes a page from history. If you disassemble the mill you will notice two ceramic stones inside, just like traditional grinding wheels. I feel this is the key to better results. Other than the improvement in fragrance, I was beyond impressed how fine I could grind some herds. I have an electric herb mill and I would have to shake it while it grinds to makes sure it broke down everything...BUT it would never get this fine!

Unlike the Kyocera pepper mill, disassembling this is a little more complicated. Although, cleaning the ceramic stones for your next herb is very easy, and I feel nothing sticks to these ceramic parts unlike the metal parts on my electric herb mill. This is a very big plus as I would sometimes have remnants of different herbs in my electric herb mill.

If you are looking for a refined mill that will improve the fragrance of your herbs and tea leaves, this is the one for you.
From: Gabriel | Date: 6/9/2020 9:00 PM
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Delivers the promise- looks sophisticated on my counter
Not only does this product deliver what it promises but I love the way it looks on my counter.  Functionality meets superior quality with a sophisticated look. I display it proudly and use to impress my family and guests.  I get compliments. Thank you!
From: Anna | Date: 8/12/2020 9:08 AM
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