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Product reviews for Ceramic Ball-Point Pens

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I've never written on butter but I imagine this is how it feels.
Clean, consistent lines that don't bleed out onto the page. very smooth. Fancy enough to give as a gift and good enough to use everyday.
From: tyler | Date: 9/20/2019 2:43 PM
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precision glide
Lesser nibs oscillate between binding against their housing to scrape across the paper or lolling to one side spilling too much ink that soaks if not bleeds across the page.  These nibs, on the other hand, because there are micro-pits in the ball itself as the means to convey ink onto the paper allowing the tightest possible fit from the housing, perform with astonishing consistency and ease across a full range of angles.  The ink is also a cut above since it doesn’t need to leak past the nib but merely fill its pits to be deposited with dignified composure as the nib is rotated.  The writing experience is sublime.

I am just as delighted with the .7mm thickness in the “executive” pen as I am with the .5mm disposable set, each having its own unique joys.  The .7mm lets strokes bear emphases from thick-and-thin, yet as I said before the way the ink is deposited is distinctly refined as compared to any I have ever tried.  The .5mm is the first of that thickness I have ever enjoyed writing with or even just reading from. It is so thin but utterly consistent that it’s almost uncanny, whereas conventional nibs that thin always irritated me as being whispy, irregular scratches frustrating to attempt to read because their scraped portions barely deposit any ink at all.  The only time you get a whisp with Kyocera’s .5mm is when you actually raise your nib from the paper.  It is so consistent it gives the strokes an almost eerie clarity. It’s kind of addictive!

Here’s to hopefully having .5mm refills in blue and red, and .7mm refills in black and red soon.

These shame the likes of GellyRoll and Uni-Ball, which I used for years, and far out-shine “executive pens” which pay too much attention to extravagant materials and design of the pen housing and entirely too little to the function of using them and their ink to write.  Kyocera’s spoiled me on pens for life!
From: N. | Date: 6/20/2020 11:05 PM
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Excellent Note Taking Pen
I have been using this pen for about a year now taking notes at meetings. Writes super smooth and hasn't ran out of Ink yet.
From: Logan | Date: 8/3/2020 6:33 AM
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Smoothest pen
I have been using this pen for years and it remains to be one of my favorite. It's very smooth and dependable.
From: Daisuke | Date: 8/3/2020 6:56 AM
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Such a smooth pen with precision tip & makes an amazing gift.
From: Amee | Date: 8/3/2020 8:08 AM
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Best Pen Ever
Super smooth.  I give these to customers and they all love them.
From: Scott | Date: 8/3/2020 8:12 AM
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Luxurious and practical
I always get complimented when I pull out this pen. I love how smooth it writes. I've purchased several as gifts. It feels great on the hand.
From: Faustino | Date: 8/3/2020 8:25 AM
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A Coveted Pen
We started using the Ceramic Ball-Point Pens for our important business documents and I'm hooked now. I have a handful of Kyocera Ceramics items and I am impressed with the quality of each and every single one. I enjoy using this pen every day. They are smooth, don't blob up, run or smear. We don't lose these like we do the cheap ones we don't care about and it's easy to order refills for them.
From: Sarah | Date: 8/3/2020 11:08 AM
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very nice pens. Writes very smoothly
From: Steve | Date: 8/10/2020 3:45 PM
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Ceramic Pens-Awesome!
These pens make impressive gifts to customers!  The smoothness of this pen will have them asking for refills!!
From: Nancy | Date: 12/7/2022 6:06 AM
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A manager responded to this review
Thank you Nancy for the wonderful feedback.