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Product reviews for Beechwood Ceramic Spice Mills

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Rosewood spice mill
I love my new spice grinder! It is very classy looking with its wood top and glass bottom. The wood feels very nice. I filled it with pepper corns. There is a tiny knob that you can adjust for grain size. It dispenses the perfect amount. What I like most is that it does not leave excess grinds behind after using. Now I'm gonna have to get another for the sea salt. Highly recommend!
From: Georgina | Date: 5/12/2020 2:51 PM
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Rosewood Ceramic Spice Mill
The Ceramic Spice Mill is amazing.   I was concerned that it would arrive broken, but there was no way with the amount of bubble wrap that it was even possible.  The instructions were easy to follow.  I took it apart and put back together a couple of times before using it.    It did take a few, at least 5 usages, to find the right grain size, but once I did it was perfect, dispensed the right amount and did not leave a mess everywhere.  I would definitely recommend and it will look great on any countertop or table.
From: CLAUDIA | Date: 5/15/2020 3:40 PM
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The more refined mill.....
I bought this grinder as a suggestion from a family member who values ceramic over traditional metal kitchen tools. I'll admit my preference is always metal but I was very surprised by this grinder.

First off, the one thing I could promote is this grinder makes the peppercorns a lot more fragrant than my old metal pepper mill. From my analysis, I feel this has everything to do with the interior grinder being ceramic. When comparing my metal pepper mill to the ceramic one, I felt the metal grinder ripped the peppercorn rather than rub the peppercorn into smaller pieces like the ceramic one. Hence why I titled this "The more refined mill" because if you treat your food better, you get better results.

Second, I like the adjustment knob found at the opening of the mill. I like larger pieces of pepper but my wife likes something finer. Well this pepper mill allowed us to compromise as my metal pepper mill only had one setting.

Third, the finish on the walnut option is very nice. It seems like it will hold up for years and not frost like my older plastic and metal pepper mill.

One last thing I realized, cleaning this mill is a lot easier than my older metal one. I cannot even disassemble my older metal one and sometimes have to give a hard crank to get it to turn. If this ceramic one isn't working smoothly, then I'm happy to know I could easily disassemble and clean it.
From: Gabriel | Date: 6/9/2020 9:03 PM
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