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Innovation Soft Grip 2 Piece Ceramic Knife Set - White 6" Chefs and 4.5" Uility Knife

The INNOVATIONwhite cutlery series was designed to meet the most demanding of requirements and comes in a timeless, elegant black and white color scheme - ideal for any professional or amateur chef. The unique features of this series include the tactile and ergonomically molded handles and hand sharpened, pure ceramic blades. The impressive lightness of the knife provides precision control and is excellent for everyday meal preparation of fruits and vegetables and boneless meats.
  • GIFT SET includes a 4.5" Utility and a 6" Chef's knife
  • BLADE MADE IN JAPAN: Made from Kyocera's very own proprietary zirconia material produced in Japan for exceptional quality and beaut
  • LONG-LASTING SHARPNESS: Ultra-sharp, pure ceramic blades that will maintain their edge up to 10x longer than steel blades
  • WELL-BALANCED AND LIGHTWEIGHT DESIGN: Soft-touch molded ergonomic handle fits comfortably any size hand for safe handling and control
  • PURE AND HEALTHY KITCHEN CUTLERY: Ceramic blades will not brown or alter the taste food are rust-proof and resistant to acids
  • LOW MAINTENANCE: Easy to clean and sanitize, they are dishwasher safe or using a mild bleach solution will keep blades sparkling white
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This ceramic knife set includes two common knives used in the kitchen to prepare a fresh meal. The 5.5” santoku is an all-purpose knife for everyday slicing of fruits, vegetables, and boneless meats. The 3” paring knife is ideal for detailed tasks like trimming, peeling, mincing and creating garnishes. For any beginning home cook who wants to prepare fresh meals at home. Packaged in a clear box.

Electric Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener for Ceramic and Steel Knives

Kyocera’s battery-powered diamond wheel knife sharpener is the perfect solution for quick, powerful and easy at-home sharpening of both Kyocera ceramic and metal knives. The diamond grinding wheel can remove ceramic chips up to .5mm deep refreshing a dull ceramic blade back to a smooth sharp edge. A convenient user-friendly knife guide slot, as well as an assist roller system, provides precision-controlled sharpening of the blade. Grinding dust is contained in a safety covered grinding compartment. For right-handed use only.

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Kyocera’s multi-purpose ceramic scissors are rust-proof, lightweight, non-conductive and easy to clean. The ceramic 2.7" blades deliver long-lasting sharpness and are precisely aligned to achieve clean, straight cuts, are non-reactive and will keep foods or herbs fresher longer. Especially suited for a variety of applications in moisture-prone environments including the kitchen, garden, and outdoors.

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